APS RTC has taken a crucial decision. Some passengers have to travel to distant places by RTC bus. If they don’t have a direct bus, they have to change the bus somewhere (city, town) in between. For such people, the system of taking a single ticket is being made available even if the bus changes for their journey without any difficulty. RTC has created a new ‘Multi City Journey Reservation’.
If a traveler wants to go from Anantapur to Srikakulam, there is no option to go directly. Since there is no direct bus, one has to go from Anantapur to Vijayawada. There, one has to change another bus and go to Srikakulam. Then you have to take two tickets in Anantapur and Vijayawada. But in the new system brought by RTC.. one can come from Anantapur to Vijayawada by a bus.. and again from Vijayawada to Srikakulam by another bus service.
That means reservation can be made in one ticket even if the bus changes. If you make a reservation to travel in two buses like this, the reservation charge will be taken only once. Passengers left in one bus. RTC gave 2 to 22 hours time to change to another bus. Passengers have to make reservation in advance depending on the services available at that time.APS RTC is ready to implement this system in total 137 routes. Reservations can be made through UTS mobile app and RTC online portal. For the first time in the country, this system is being implemented in RTCs, AP only. This system will be started soon. Officials believe that this system will be especially useful for air passengers.
APS RTC is implementing this new policy only on selected routes in the first phase. After that, depending on the response of the passengers, this policy will be extended to the rest of the routes as well. RTC is already approaching the passengers with many new schemes and offers. Now we hope to get closer with this new approach. It is known that RTC is already implementing cashless transactions. Now it is approaching the travelers with another new approach.

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