Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant In 2022

Are you all fans of Chrisean Rock, then this article will prove to be very useful for you, in which we will discuss the news of Chrisean Rock being pregnant?

The news of Chrisean Rock being Pregnant is being shared a lot on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Some people are considering true news and some false. To reveal this, we are writing this article in which we will give correct information about Chrisean Rock Pregnant.

Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant?

Christian rock and bluefee are always in trend on social media, but since the news of Christian rock’s pregnancy has become viral, it has come in trend more and more. The rapper is expecting a second child with his ex-girlfriend Jadin Alexis. The two were speculated from some social media pictures that they were seen together during the baby shower.

In the midst of all this, there is also a rumor of Christian being pregnant. Earlier, in January, she had posted a picture on social media of a pregnancy test which has led to speculations that she is indeed pregnant. However, those pictures have since been removed.

Is Chrisean Rock Having A Baby With Blueface?

It is only a rumor that Christian is Rock’s blueface child which is completely false. Although the two are often seen hanging out and intimate, they have never made their relationship official.

The two met when Rock participated in Blueface’s “Blue Girls Club” reality show during the quarantine. She got the rapper’s real name, “Jonathan Jamal Porter”, tattooed on her body while she was a contestant on the show.


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