Watch Pinugutan ng ulo viral video

The Mayengg03 Tiktok video is available on Psychoduck’s website. However, Tiktok no longer has the video. One of Pinugutan ng ulo viral on the internet in which his murder is filmed. Which some people believe to be true and some people are false. To know about this whole matter, read our article till the end.

Who is Mayengg03 ?

Mayengg03 is a user. Whose dead video Psychoduck has been uploaded on the TikTok channel? Mayengg03 is a female by gender. Whose video has gone viral all over the internet?

Pinugutan ng ulo viral video

Psychoduck channel on TikTok

Psychoduck is a Tik Tok channel on which the video of Manayenge 03’s death has gone viral.


No one knows the young lady’s character who had her head chopped off. However, the young lady shown moving in the previous portion of the video is believed to be a similar one.

The young lady who was executed, however, wore an unexpected outfit in comparison to the one worn by the artist, so it is fairly puzzling. White shorts were worn by the moving young lady, while designed shorts were worn by the decapitation casualty.

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