Side effects of beer: When you hear the name of beer, two things come to your mind. Party first and health second. People always celebrate happy moments by drinking beer. Some people drink alcohol to stay healthy. There are many types of questions in people’s mind regarding beer. Most citizens believe that beer does not harm the body. So boiled and chilled beer (Beer Benefits) has become the equation of many people.

About 30 percent of the people in India consume beer. Most people prefer beer over wine. Because beer has less alcohol than whiskey and rum. The zing of the beer wears off too soon. You probably did not know about the harm caused by beer. Beer, whether light or strong, is harmful to the body.

Consuming too much beer affects the sex hormones of men. A recent study claims that drinking more beer can reduce the paternity of men by 50 percent.

Regular consumption of beer destroys brain cells. That’s why we can’t focus our mind on anything. Along with this, the power of thinking also decreases.



Drinking beer has a lot of effect on the liver. Because the alcohol present in beer damages the liver. Due to this our digestive power gets spoiled completely.

According to research, the size of the stomach increases in men and women due to excessive consumption of beer. Hence their fertility is decreasing. Researchers have claimed that increasing belly fat reduces men’s ability to become fathers by 10 percent.

Obesity in men is affecting the ability to make sperm. Research has claimed that obesity reduces fertility.

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